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You do not have to hurry out and catch "The Social Network" to know what the hidden theme of this Oscar-winning film really is. It's simple: the phenomenon of Facebook and that doing business online really works. Internet marketing is definitely a phenomenal way to earn millions of dollars and succeeding in business. But so is social networking. And Facebook is undetected the most powerful way on the Internet to reach people and sell your products and services to them. This includes your MLM products and services. And with 500 million to one billion people signed on as members to its site, Facebook may soon become the largest and best way to reach an endless stream of customers, generate continuous leads and lists, and create ever-increasing flows of income for your multi level marketing business.

Now the question you have may be two-fold: How can Facebook market my MLM business? And how do I use Facebook to market my business? Well, you've come to the right and best expert MLM and business networking blog to find the answer to these and so many other questions. And right this very minute I'm going to answer these two important questions you've asked.

It's Really About The List … As It Always Is!

First, Facebook is indeed drawing close to a billion members on its site. These are all people who have the freedom and opportunity to meet each other on the website and network and even become true friends. You meet Harold, and Harold meets you. Harold tells you about a book he's written and got published. You tell Harold about your multi level marketing business and the benefits of buying your products and even becoming part of your affiliate program. You buy Harold's book. Harold buys your products and joins your MLM downline.

Then you teach Harold how to sell more books online and on Facebook, but also teach him how to create his own list of customers and downline. And he makes more money selling his book and extending his own MLM downline while at the same time you make more money and success from him doing these things. And he's done it and is doing it on Facebook. How? Well, that leads us to the answer of your second question. And essentially it boils down to what I've often mentioned in my blog: "It's all in the list."

Get To Work And Get Networking On Facebook!

This is what Facebook allows you to do: To create and compile lists of potential customers, leads, and clients. Then it allows you in unlimited means to chat with them, which means: sell your products and services to them. And all do you generate your Facebook list? Simple: send out friend invites to people on the site. And you do not even have to look for people on Facebook to send your invitations to.

Facebook provides an endless stream of other Facebook members to whom you can invite to join your network. You simply go to your Profile or HOME page on Facebook. Look at the top right side of that page you are on. You will see a caption that says, "People You May Know." Under this will be listed the photo of a Facebook member who you can invite to your network. Once you click on "Add as friend" and complete this quick, simple procedure, another photo of another member will show in the same screen location, and you can click and "Add as friend" this member, too. And so on.

Generating A List Is As Easy As Sending Out An Invitation To Party Friends!

Recommendation: do not send out more than 30 invites in one day. For some reason Facebook frowns upon people who send out a ton of invites within a given amount of time. My solution: send out 10 invites per hour, but no more than 100 per day. This way, you will be sending out 3,000 invoices per month. Granted, not every Facebook member you invite will accept your invitation. But my experience has been that most people do accept invites to network. There's hardly any reason not to. I mean, that's why everyone is on the site essentially: to meet new people, make new friends, and network. Right? RIGHT !!

Once you start building your list on Facebook you can then start advertising to people on your list. By using the News Feed function in your Facebook profile you can send a short message with one click on the Send button to reach every single person in your Facebook network. Write a short ad to market and sell your product line or just one product of it.

Then send it to your entire Facebook network. Then compose a dynamic marketing message about getting people to join your MLM business and becoming part of your affiliate / seller network. Generate a list of the responses you get for each of these marketing efforts: a product buyer list, and an affiliate / seller list. Then you can work on turning these potential customers into bone fide customers by contacting them with further ads written and sent to each list separately.

The Process Of Marketing Your MLM Business Is Ongoing & Continual!

Then over time, you continue to invite new friends to join your Facebook network, and you continue to contact them with marketing ads. And you continue to add them to your potential customer lists, and then to your bone fide customer and affiliate lists. And this is how you utilize the power of Facebook and take advantage of its free networking portal to market and sell your MLM products and MLM business via this social network. And imagine if you do the same marketing and work on Linkedin, MySpace, Twitter, and Bobo social networking sites? But just focus on Facebook at first and for now. I mean, you've got at least 500 million people waiting to network with you there and learn about your dynamic multi level marketing business.

Now let's go make some money!

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