Key Consideration While Designing Your Mobile Website

Key Consideration While Designing Your Mobile Website

Key Consideration While Designing Your Mobile Website

Is your website properly designed for the mobile devices? Are you getting good traffic from the mobile internet users? It is important that you design your mobile site and present information properly as you do for your regular website. The ever-increasing mobile users and their search volume everyday make the necessity of a properly designed and presented mobile version of your site. With a perfectly designed mobile site you can tap into a huge market segment of mobile users and can boost up your business. To take advantages and capture the potential of this mobile market segment, you should apply a set of rules while designing and deploying your mobile site. Mobile devices have comparatively less speed than the computers and that should have considered while designing and developing the websites for the handheld devices. People usually avoid typing lots of information while using the mobile sites and flashy design that requires loading lots of images and objects should also be avoided.

Following are some of the key consideration for your mobile site designing:

DO's for mobile website design:

  • Define your and your visitors need and then design your site.
  • Use single column layout for your mobile website.
  • Emphasize on "Tap-able" than "Clickable".
  • Keep the file size minimum.
  • Boost up the loading time so slow slow users can use your site.
  • Put the usability considerations on the mobile web.
  • Use a simplified approach to design page, layout, and navigation.
  • Make sure that the visitors' do not have to toggle horizontally to view the full content of the site.
  • Make navigation really simple and intuitive.
  • Use the semantic HTML and proper mobile CSS to make your site more efficient.
  • Write precise and informative content for your Mobile users.
  • Include options so that mobile visitors can switch to full site view.
  • Design with a fluid layout.
  • Resize the images for the mobile design so that the images need not to be rendered in the browser.
  • Choose a different URL for your mobile site.
  • Reduce the navigation depth and user input as much as possible.
  • Put the Java, Flash, pop-up and rich animation out of the site.
  • Put the touch screen in mind while designing your site.

DON'Ts for mobile website design:

  • Do not use large images.
  • Avoid using special effects.
  • Do not make click-able element harder to click.
  • Avoid using hover effect.
  • Avoid using images for gradients, rounded corners etc. Instead use CSS 3 to reduce the load time of your site.
  • Do not deploy the site without thoroughly testing it on different mobile platforms and devices.
  • Avoid using large flash animation.
  • Do not offer pages with large content. Rather divide the multiple pages if required.
  • Do not use fonts which are not common.

There is no alternative. Web has gone mobile. And to get ahead of your competitors you must tap into the fair share of the mobile market. Design a great looking and fully functional mobile site and enhance your web presence and potentiality.

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