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If you are thinking about creating a website there are numerous details to think about. Above all, you want to make something that will draw in users and keep them coming back. The average user spends less than one minute on a site before deciding if they're going to look around or simply move on . You need your website design to draw them in and make them stay. It is not as hard as it sounds, but it will take some planning and maintaining to keep your site looking great.

Your HOMEpage will be the first page the user finds. This needs to set the stage for your entire website. Think about your business, your logo, what it is you're selling. Use all of these aspects in your website design. You want to have a page that looks sharp and reflects what it's about. A logo is a good focus point. Do you have specific colors in it? A certain style? The same goes for your site's entire layout. If you have a business that's focusing on a specific product or kind of service, you're not going to want to have a layout with images that have nothing to do with what you're selling. It's going to detract customers and more importantly, sales.

Make sure that the information you have on your site is current and continuously updated. When a potential client comes upon a new website that like and then finds out it has not been updated in months, it can make the customer think the site is inactive or the company is out of business. They'll go elsewhere and that will be another sale lost.

As important as the written information, are the graphics. Users like websites that are visually appealing, this includes photos, animations, and color schemes to name a few. You want a site that's going to catch someone's attention and bring their eyes to various parts of the site. Draw their vision to the logo, the navigation bar, and if applicable, photos of the product or service. But remember that sometimes less is more. You do not want to overload your site with pictures, causing it to look like a mess.

Navigation is another key element when building a site. If the user is interested in finding out more about your product or service and the navigation is hard to maneuver or find in general, it could frustrate them and cause them to leave. You want something that's end user friendly.

Remember that when you're putting together your website design you want something that's clean, creative, organized, easy to navigate, and up to date.

Coastal Media Brand

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