Key Pointers to Boost Conversions of Your Magento-Built Online Store

Key Pointers to Boost Conversions of Your Magento-Built Online Store

The demand for Magento-built online stores is rising at an exponential rate because of its advancements and latest editions. However, the world of eCommerce is immensely vast and volatile. Thus, not all the online stores get the opportunity to enjoy a fair amount of conversions. Building an online store for your business that drives a good sum of conversions has become the major area of concern.

Adhering this fact, following here are some of the useful tips to boost conversion rates of your Magento-built online store.

Use a well-designed professional theme instead of free Magento themes

Every website is unique while considering the aspects of branding and merchandise and thus, it can target different segments of customer demographics. In terms of a broader perspective, a customised layout or design frame greatly helps to increase conversions compared to the generic, free Magento themes. Following here are some of the prime reasons which, signify the adverse consequences of having a free theme design.

  • Functionality: While using a free theme, adding customised features and functions to the site is not possible. Thus, it is advisable to seek help of expert developers to customise your online store.
  • Brand Image: Millions of website owners opt for using free themes while developing their online stores. Thus, seeing the same theme by your prospects in any other store might displease your visitors and drive them away without completing the purchase.
  • Upgrades: Magento brings an array of upgrades at regular intervals along with a range of innovative features. Free themes can fail to cope with these ongoing upgrades and version releases and show errors at any time.
  • Technical Support: Free themes do not host proper technical support. Thus, if a feature stops working on a sudden note, you would not get any professional help. On the contrary, choosing a robust custom Magento theme for your website will help you to stay ready for facing the arising problems in near future.

Not to Keep the Customers Waiting

Waiting during the buying process is one of the most displeasing experiences and is a major reason behind driving them away from the store. Thus, it is ideal to optimise your online store for delivering high-speed performance and gain an edge in the competitive race. All the web pages of your website must load fast, especially during the checkout process. Furthermore, you must optimise all the formats and sizes of images which, will help you to decrease the page loading time.

Irrespective of whichever eCommerce model you choose, the prime focus of every business is to maximise revenues and close sales faster. Adhering this fact, it is important to develop and optimise your Magento-built online store for ensuring increased conversions.

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