Keys to Effective Ecommerce Website Design

Keys to Effective Ecommerce Website Design

Keys to Effective Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce websites are a popular choice for businesses who want to leverage the internet to sell more of their product or service. An ecommerce website is more involved than most other websites and so in order to maximize your chances of success it's very important during the design phase to carefully consider the following keys to effective ecommerce website design.

Since selling online is going to require your customers to use your website to make a purchase then usability needs to be a preliminary consideration. Your ecommerce website needs to be designed to make things as easy as possible for the visitor to make a purchasing decision, complete the ordering and payment process and absolutely receive whatever product or service you're selling.

To help maximize usability, navigation must be simple and easy to use. The visitor must be able to find what it is they're looking for without difficulty or confusion. The online payment processor and shopping cart functions must also be easy to use and not be a source of confusion. Make any additional charges such as GST or postage and handling clear right from the start. Do not give the customer any reason to abandon their shopping cart before completing the transaction.

Security is an issue that is paramount to your customers so make sure your online payment processing is secure and that you make it clear to your customers that your ordering process is secure. Failure to do this will result in lost sales.

When designing your ecommerce website you should also consider a help or support function. Remember, you're asking your customers to spend money and if they get stuck or have questions about their purchase they're going to want to contact you before they finalise their purchase. Adding a function that provides immediate help like a live chat feature can save you from losing sales but even if you do not go to that extent your customers should have a clear and simple means of contacting you or a representative if they need help with their purchases.

The goal of your ecommerce website is to sell your product or service online so it must be designed around that main goal. That means your product or service must be presented in a way that makes it attractive to customer s and in a way that all the common questions and objections are answered. If you have multiple products then they should be organized and presented in a way that makes sense and makes them easily found by your customers. If you sell big ticket items then you should make sure your website includes compelling sales copy to allow your website to actively "sell" your products just as an actual salesperson would in a face to face sale.

If you take all we've discussed above into account when it comes to the design of your ecommerce website then you should end up with a website that fulfills both the needs of your customer s and in the needs of your business and, in doing so , puts money in the bank for you.

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