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According to SEO experts, consistency is the keyword in search engine optimization (SEO). In order to get good ranking for your Web site in the search engine result page (SERP), it needs to have good content with uniform keywords and Meta tags. The layout and the links provided in the page should maintain consistency in their appearance as well as idea. Google algorithm identifies the Web site on the basis of the contents and internal links. If there is no consistency in the Web page contents, the search engine fails to track them properly.

The whole idea of online marketing is built around consistency. Like offline marketing, Internet marketing focuses on strategies that create permanent impression of a brand among customers. In offline marketing, this is practiced through a steady and cyclic campaign using a unique slogan and a unique logo published regularly through different media.

All of the offline strategies may be applied to online marketing. However, the core of Web site marketing lies in the optimization of Web site in the SERP. A good PageRank is the foremost criterion to market your Web site. There are many ways to achieve this. As mentioned above, consistency in the presentation of a Web site plays a crucial role in pulling the Web site to the top of SERP. Consistency of contents can be achieved by maintaining the same keyword and phrase. Updating the Web site with fresh contents related to the same keyword or theme of your Web site is another way to achieve consistency. Google spiders always look for Web pages with fresh contents.

Link building is another important way to improve consistency. Link building services are mutually beneficial because they improve traffic to both Web sites. However, while including links from your partner Web sites, you have to pay attention to the contents included in those Web sites. Google spiders are smart enough to distinguish true links from spam links (links that do not contain relevant contents). To maintain consistency, you have to share links with those Web sites, which practice organic SEO methods.

If we are to believe an SEO consultan, link building can bring positive results in Web site optimization provided it is done between Web sites that contain related information. Similarly, a Web page that contains content with rich keywords and relevant information are likely to score higher in page ranking. Also, the title of the Web pages and the Meta tags must maintain consistency in the keywords and phrases.

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