Languages ​​of Marketing For Social Media

Languages ​​of Marketing For Social Media

How many times does it take to make a lasting impression? One.

Have you ever noticed that the moments of your life that are powerful and full of impact, are just that … moments? This moment can be surrounded by hours of activity all due to some event, but it is a special moment that will last in your memories. Guess what? The same thing applies to social media.

As you are out delivering your message, updating your status, and just working the virtual room, remember to really connect with someone will only take a moment. So when people ask me how long they should spend a day using social media, the answer is simple, enough time to create as many moments as you can.

For some, it can be as little as fifteen minutes a day, for others it may be an hour a day, but really it has to be enough time to make true connections. Can you create moments by taking a quiz, super poking, or sending flowers? For the most part I have always said that the applications are for those that are having fun, and I am all about business.

I still stand by the fact that social media can suck you in and spit you at three days later if you're not careful, but I have come to realize something. Creating a moment online starts with speaking the language of the person you are trying to connect with. It is as if you need to be a social media linguist to understand all the various languages ​​that people speak online.

Here are just five of the ways that people connect and communicate online:

  1. Gift Exchanges – a bear hug, a corvette, a drink, etc.
  2. Status chatter – commenting on your status updates and creating conversation.
  3. Wall huggers – going direct to the source and writing on your wall.
  4. Quizzing around – likes to test their knowledge by taking quizzes and challenging you.
  5. Application junkie – hooked into all the applications and inviting you to join them.

There are others, but for now that should get you started in your social media linguistic skills.

If you find that someone you would like to connect with actually speaks one of the five social media languages ​​mentioned above, or maybe just a dialect of the language you have what you need to create a moment. A successful marketing campaign is one that elicits a certain response from a lot of people. These campaigns are usually geared to make you remember a moment, to engage your senses, to fully immerse you in an experience that you can refer to.

When using social media to market a business, true connections and the creation of memorable moments will form the base of campaign that will last.

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