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Jesus shared a parable with His Disciples about the significance of sowing seed upon great, feral ground. Now, obviously Jesus wasn’t discussing getting Facebook “Likes” for your service page. His mentor was spiritual. However, the law of reciprocity applies for the Network Marketer also.

Today, we go over Reciprocity:

  • Exactly What It Is;
  • Why It Is so crucial; and,
  • How Without reciprocity your service CAN NOT grow!

What is The Law of Reciprocity?

What is the Law of Reciprocity? Well, in Social Media, it simply means returning the favor of a like, share or comment!

The Law of Reciprocity dictates that you wish to receive an action from someone as a result of what you have done for them. A lot of people disagree with post syndication. However, it’s considered by many leading Network Marketers to be one of the most powerful forces which drives human behavior. We have all heard of it. “If you scratch my back, I will scratch yours!” “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.” And, many more sagic quotes.

But basically, it states:

“I did something nice for you; Please do something nice for me in return.”

Reciprocity on Social Media

Every marketer knows. It can take years to establish your business reputation online. However, by using reciprocity they also know they can grow their page faster! We see it in action everyday on Facebook! Post are published continuously requesting someone to “Like” their page. And, in return, they will like yours. In other words:

Do something to help grow MY page and in return I will help YOU grow YOURS.

This works for a moment. Because Facebook is aware of “Like for Like” campaigns and will delete the bogus “Like” from your page. BUT, if you want to REALLY grow your page, you need to realize how to use Reciprocity to your advantage on Facebook.

As an experienced marketer, I would suggest you build unique Facebook List. The people you add to this list are prospective leads. You will want to like, comment and share their post!


Internet marketing, specifically for blog writers, is driven by reciprocity. It is the one aspect most online marketers miss out on. Why? Due to the fact that they bring a sense of selfishness to their company. They desire individuals to read their product, share their post or follow them. However, they never ever share, like or follow anybody however the “masters.” Extend courtesy, generosity, and regard to everybody.

Your buddy and Mentor,.

– Bubbie Gunter A.A.C.M.

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