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“Partnership is not a posture but a process—a continuous process that grows stronger each year as we devote ourselves to common tasks.”

— John F. Kennedy, Address in the Assembly Hall at the Paulskirche in Frankfurt

You might be wondering, what is an Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) Educational Partner? And you’d be right to ask! Our Educational Partners, or “EPs” as the IxDF team refers to them, are members of our amazing partnership program. They include an exclusive group of people, organizations, blogs, and influencers in the user experience (UX) design and e-learning industries. 

We’re proud to partner with those in the community who directly support and align with the IxDF’s main mission of making UX design education affordable and accessible to people across the globe. 

Each of our EPs is unique and brings something special to the table! In return, we work with them to drive our shared mission forward through co-branded campaigns, newsletter swaps, incredible discounts for their audiences, and, yes, in some cases, even a chance to earn passive income and freebies for their followers. 

Read on to find out about some of our favorite EPs, and how they can help you level up your design knowledge.

Our Longest-standing EPs 

UX Planet

UX Planet describes itself as your go-to spot for everything UX-related! Their support of the IxDF has been instrumental in achieving our goal of reaching a wider audience and making UX design available to everyone, no matter how much or little they can afford. UX Planet is out of this world (pun very much intended!) when it comes to spreading UX design knowledge. 

UX Goodies: Ioana Teleanu

Ioana Teleanu smiling in front of a dimly lit blue background

Ioana Teleanu needs no introduction, but just in case, she is an IxDF course creator, collaborator, and instructor, as well as our Educational Partner. She believes no matter what, UX design education is for anyone who’s interested in it and who has the desire to design for a better world. She has infinite ideas about the future of UX design and the implications and importance that artificial intelligence (AI) will play in the years to come. You can check her out on Instagram at @uxgoodies—don’t forget to like and follow.


UXness' logo

UXness is a digital magazine and learning platform that shares everything from articles on UX design, usability, and visual design to invaluable info surrounding UX design events, books, courses, jobs, and much more! It’s an incredible UX design resource for any who find themselves in need of some extra guidance through the design field. UXness and IxDF’s partnership is one for the books. 

Our Most Active EPs  

Zero to UX: Kevin Liang

Zero to UX's logo

Kevin Liang, founder of Zero to UX, is a leader in UX research and a proponent of learning UX design education remotely, on your own schedule, and of course, within a supportive community. His dedication to his craft has paid off, and now he’s able to help newcomers to the field improve and impress. We’re proud to call him a partner! 

Flowhack: Elina Zhang

Flowhack's logo

As a senior UX/UI designer, mentor, and founder of Flowhack, it was a no-brainer for the IxDF to enter into a partnership with Elina Zhang. Her ideals surrounding design education and remote learning and working align perfectly with our own. Her passion for sharing UX design knowledge and career tips knows no bounds. She’s a true industry leader with a proactive approach! 

UX Booth

UX Booth's logo and slogan

“The UX Booth is a publication by and for the user experience community.” Your peers at UX Booth work tirelessly to bring designers and design knowledge together. With a welcoming community and trending topics, you can’t go wrong visiting their blog. Congratulations, you’ve found an EP worth its weight in pixels!

Our Most Recent EPs

Code Academy – Azerbaijan

Code Academy's logo

Another superb tech school, we’ve recently welcomed Code Academy – Azerbaijan to our exclusive group of EPs. We’re excited for this partnership to reach its fullest potential for both of our audiences’ benefit. Like knows like—and with aligned goals, we know our e-learning institutions will go far together.

Femke smiling in front of a bedroom background

YouTuber, influencer, and podcaster, Femke, is a powerhouse design lead on a mission to teach product design and user research to her followers and beyond. She’s generated and shared countless resources to help her audience grow as designers. The IxDF is excited to see what else she has in store and can’t wait for this recent collaboration to evolve into a long-standing one.   

The Designer’s Toolbox

The Designer's Toolbox's logo: a pencil next to a notebook

Self-described as the “go-to place for tips, tricks, and best practices in the world of UI and UX,” The Designer’s Toolbox offers a unique experience that focuses on UX/UI design career support and resources. With its own flourishing design community, how could we say “no” to such an advantageous partnership? We couldn’t. 

Interested in Becoming an Educational Partner?

If you’re interested in learning more about our EP program, please write to the IxDF team at for more information. 

No matter how big or small your organization might be, we’re always open to new collaboration opportunities. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us, and we’ll look forward to creating a strong partnership down the line.

Let’s design a better world together!

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