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I recently came across a very interesting and newer way to make money online. It is a program called "Lets Get Social". The program was developed by a woman from Austin texas called Kate Bush Jr. She has found a very in demand type of job.

That job is Social Media Marketing Manager. What exactly is that ?? It is a person who looks after all of the social media contacts for a company. Be that Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn and so on. The manager would daily check on all a companys accounts and monitor them for spam, delete unnecessary items as well as reporting back to a company with worthy postings.

Many companies are drifting away from traditional forms of advertising such as Yellow Pages, newspapers, magazines and even TV and Radio in favor of Social Media. Why? Well the massive following that social media has made it a veritable goldmine of marketing opportunities. It has been documented that if Facebook was a country it would be the worlds 3rd most populated country with over 400 million people. Even Pepsi canceled its Superbowl ad campaign in favor of Social Media.

Companies simply do not have the time to monitor all the social media sites they may belong to daily so thats where the social media marketing manager comes in. And the demand right now is huge. Just do a Google search for social media marketing manager jobs and see for yourself.

The nice thing is that a job like this could be done from ones HOME. All it takes is an internet connection. I believe that this is truly a career that is just starting but will become a very in demand and lucrative one in the not to distant future.

Kate Bush Jr. stumbled upon this around 18 months ago and is making well over six figures a year doing this for only five hours a day. It is something that can be learned in a short amount of time by following Kate's course and also setting up your own blog and signing up for an account on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn and so on for yourself.

After that you can start to advertise your own business and sell different types of packages to businesses. Believe me they will be interested in this job opportunity. This is certainly an opportunity to keep an eye on, especially for someone who is just starting out or even considering an online career path.

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