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Google Places and Google Maps allows business owners to list their business and customized listings in Google Maps. Many new features add up in Google Places like managing business information, posting coupons, reviews, photos, keep track on performance using dashboard and lots more.

It's always hard to do each and every marketing technique as new marketing techniques keeps on coming. In the past, yellow pages dominated search engine rankings and it's one of the main sources from where local or targeted users find out contact information of companies. Now maps are widely used to find information about companies and products locally. Top 3 search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing started Map services in the past. Google comes up with Google Maps & Google Places. Yahoo comes up with Yahoo Map & Yahoo Local and Bing comes up with Bing Map & Bing Local. So why do these search engines start Maps? Main reason is more and more users keep on using local keywords or place while searching the web. For example lets say a user want to find a company providing call center services around New York, so user search for (call center services NY) or (call center services, New York) instead of call center services.

It's important to list your business in Google Places & Google Map as Google is one of the most popular search engine over web. Google starts showing Google Map Listing in localized searches, this is in a shape of block. If you notice a map comes up when you perform a search with a place in search in a shape a block (One-box-map or ten-box-map). It's not important that it comes up by all keywords. Some software's are in market which is used to search keywords by which Google is showing maps in listing. So it's best to use those keywords while creating profile over Google Maps or Google Places. Most of these listings are from local companies verified by business owners using phone verification or verification through postcards.

It's free to list business over Google Places, rest it's important to keep on adding as much information as you can about your business. Promotions of website is also important side by side as many companies are promoting their website in order to increase more and more visibility locally.

If your business is not listed over Google Places, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps and other local directories it's best to do it as early as possible as early you are listed over these places more opportunities pages when some user perform a search which meets your business product or services.

So if you really want to get local leads and local traffic to your website start listing your business over Google Places. It's also worth if you add your business in Yahoo Maps and Bing Maps as these are other 2 major search engines used widely by users all over the world. It's simple and everything is in step by step yet it's best to optimize it in such a way that your listing starts getting visibility soon. Yet other factor also plays an important role in this. If you like us to list your business in Google Maps, please free to contact Local Listing and we help you to list your business in Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Bing maps and some other local directories in just $ 25.

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