Low Cost Website Design – Functionality & Feature Issues…

Low Cost Website Design – Functionality & Feature Issues…

Low Cost Website Design – Functionality & Feature Issues…

How do you as a prospective web site owner view or perceive “functionality and features” in your website design?

Let us briefly consider the term functionality as it relates to a website design

• shaped or constructed with regard mainly to its function, rather than to aesthetics…

• the capacity of a design or application to provide a useful function.

You have decided to take the important step, because owning a web page today is a must, rather than, a-nice-to-have. However, even before you take the step of searching for and contacting designers, there are certain actions you can take to better equip yourself about website design, desired features and functionality of a web page in general.

The most common mistake committed by new website owners is surfing the internet and feasting their eyes on the aesthetics of a website. This means the look and feel of a web page design that you visit. This should be your last consideration in the process.

Searching visitor requirements will only be met if your design features allow it and come ready built into your website. Design features should focus on the visitor needs and how to fulfill those needs, rather than dazzling images!

Determine your goal and reason for owning a professionally built website. In other words, what purpose will your website serve and what benefit does your business seek to gain.

Will it serve to complement your brochure or paper advertising? Do you want to showcase product features or services you provide?

Content is king, quality content on your business website will determine the first step to a successful business website. Visitors or customers that land on your website should be able to see immediately what you offer and why they should stay on your website.

Do you want your website to have e-commerce functionality built in? What do you want to sell on your website design? How will customers interact with your business site? Do you want to impart immediate and effective product information down loads?

The aforementioned started to touch on some the issues of functionality of a professionally built site and how it could meet your pre-defined website requirements. This means the capacity of your website to fulfill the functionality and features of a site that will meet the needs of your target or niche market. Low cost may be a viable option if can meet pre-defined design goals. More on specific website features will be considered in future issues…

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