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There have been many problems arising in the online platform with websites on the code ownership front. In spite of the companies spending tens of thousands of dollars they still encounter problems in the visibility of the website. This could be attributed to the issues related to the ownership of the code. Many at times companies are unaware of the code ownership and fail to get it cleared from the web designing companies.

The adversities of the web designing company owning the code are:

• Can not produce unique page titles on single pages
• Inaccessibility to the website's analytics
• No control over the blogs added by the web designing company as part of SEO campaign

So if you plan to spend money on a website designing, the aspects to be made clear before you pay:
You have to make sure you own the website, the domain, the content, the copyright (if applicable) and code, the analytics data, all the data, logins and subscriptions (like Google local business), and you are in command of it .

You should also work closely with your web designing company to get the list of directories, search engines and websites where your link is being submitted. It is important to keep a track of any email campaigns or pay per click campaigns.

Also you should know the keywords for meta tags used and keywords, Ad text, destination URL and landing page copy etc. if Pay Per Click campaign has been implemented. By being in line with all the activities of your web designing associate helps you to be in control as well as pull in more traffic to your website. So the bottom line being, choose a credible confederate ..!

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