Marketing Using Twitter

Marketing Using Twitter

Although at first glance, the twitter just seems like one or the other social networking platform that has no real purpose. But that is not true because it has been seen that a well planned marketing strategy making use of twitter has emerged as a tool for many small as well as big businesses.

There are many companies who are now using Twitter so that they can promote their services as well as products. Although some do this task discreetly by simply sending in links to the direct message boxes of their customers while some may tweet the website links consistently. However, this is not the correct way of using the twitter because Twitter folks; consider all these promotions as spam. Since twitter is a kind of the social networking site so, it needs to be used with care so that you can get maximum out of it. Below are given 5 main ways that can help all the small as well big businesses to sell their products and services:

1. Try to be more interested in helping others or your customers instead of just focusing on making money: it has been seen that most of the followers of Twitter are common people. So, if you will try to help all these people then they will definitely help you back. Although it may be possible that they might not have money all the time to purchase your products, but it is sure that they will happily retweet the product.

2. Create relationships first: tweeter is seen as a networking site so, before you just go into the blasting of business messages with the help of Tweet later, it is advisable to create some relationships first with your business associates and your customers. Twitter is seen as a huge community so; remember that no one is going to care about all your tweets until they know who you are. In order to publicize your products and services very well you need to interact with people first by talking to them.

3. Improve your timing: you should know the perfect time and perfect place when you have to introduce your company. Build your twitter profile so that you can attract more and more people. Along this, you should also know how to warm up the conversations. You need to be an icebreaker. Once you get into chat with some customer, you should know how to develop his interest in your company and you. If he starts feeling that you are only interested in his money then he may lose interest and may not promote you. So, you need to mind all your actions.

4. Try not to repeat the same message: today the most popular problem of Twitter users is spam. It has been seen that there are many people who still think that if they will repeat some special message many times then this may help to boost up the sales of the product. However this is not true and is considered as the most obscure method today. This is because it does not matter how many times you send your message because it will be trashed very quickly into the bin. If you want to promote your product then you need to learn the right method for it. You must post your message only once and then can ask all the people to retweet the message for you.

5. Reach out for a helping hand: remember that if you will help other than others are also going to help you. So, start helping all the people who are there in your niche. Start retweeting their tweets and help them in various other social networks also like Digg and Stumble Upon. You can also start promoting products of other people also without asking them anything in return. You should also try to concentrate on building your own network of people like communities.

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