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It is probably a fair assumption that most internet marketers these days acknowledge the potential and power of marketing with Facebook even if they are currently not making use of it. Why are a lot of them not using it if indeed it is so powerful? Well, there are several reasons but two common ones are that these online marketers are already having success with their other methods. The other common reason is that many simply just don’t know how.

There are several ways you can use Facebook for your online marketing. Some methods you have to pay for and others are free. Either way, these methods really allow you to harness the power of Facebook. Take for instance: “Facebook Likes”

“Likes” are the new “links”. In other words, prior to the arrival and evolution of Facebook, internet marketers promoted links with the hope that visitors would click on these links and be taken to the internet marketers’ desired web pages or locations. Now, don’t get me wrong; of course internet marketers still promote links and will continue to do so for a very long time. However, there’s a very heavy gorilla in the room now called Facebook and “Facebook likes” are the new big thing in online marketing.

To tap into the power of marketing with Facebook, you want three things to be in place–ads, apps (applications) and analytics. This means ads to drive traffic, apps to drive engagement whereby users have to do something like “share” or “like” so it shows up in their user feeds as opposed to just being sent to a landing page, and last but not least, analytics so as to figure out what’s working.

Basically, you can use ads to communicate messages. For example, think of an ad such as: “Come eat at Joe’s Pizza!” That’s not as powerful as being able to say: “Hey! Here’s a 20% coupon for you if you ‘share’ this with three people.” Then below that ad it says: “Abby ‘likes’ this.” I’m sure you’ve seen on the ads where it says “so and so ‘likes’ this”.

Think of Facebook like you’re hanging out with your friends at the high school cafeteria. How are you deciding what’s trendy or the thing to do? Most of the times you end up wanting to do what the cool kids do. The beauty is that Facebook is able to unveil those relationships which you previously couldn’t see. Let’s say you have a fan page with 1000 fans. You could run ads to show messages to all of the friends of those fans. That’s huge when you take into consideration that the average Facebook user – again at the time of this writing – has roughly 130 friends and the average user that “likes” something on Facebook has about 310 friends.

It’s like they say in offline marketing, each person’s reach is roughly say 10 people on a personal level and then your secondary reach is like 100 people. In essence, it is the concept of six degrees of separation but with Facebook you only need two degrees as this is all amplified online. There are some brands on Facebook that maybe only have 100 thousand fans but then when you look at their reach, it’s like 30 million people. What that means is that they have the ability to send individual messages to each of those 30 million users where it says “so and so ‘likes’ this.”

You can see the power of marketing with Facebook using this method and if you are not using it for your marketing endeavors, it has to be said that you ought to at least consider it as it could prove to be a major means for the results of your business ventures to grow.

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