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Marketing Your Real Estate Business – Use a Marketing Plan to Market Your Real Estate Business

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When the real estate market slows down many people begin to actively market to prospective clients. They feel that they now have the time and motivation to put a marketing plan into place. Other realtors have been marketing continuously throughout busy times and just continue to work on the marketing plan that they already have in place. Which category do you fall into? Are you too busy to market or are you still busy because you did market?

As a busy professional, marketing needs to be part of your daily routine. By having an ongoing plan, a schedule to implement that plan, and taking the time to look ahead for how you may choose to make changes to that plan, you will have a more steady flow of prospects and clients no matter what phase the real estate market is in.

Start with a simple plan and add to it as you feel necessary. Using a blog is a great way to begin. Schedule time twice a week to post to your blog, read other blogs, and comment on those other blogs. Within a very short time you will have built a body of writing and information that will position you as an expert in your particular market area. Offer your readers, who will also be your prospects and clients, lots of good information and content that will help them to know more about the real estate market that you specialize in.

By marketing on a regular basis, both online and offline, you will build up a steady source of clients to work with on a regular basis. When the market slows down you may want to increase an area of marketing that is more time consuming, such as walking through your farm or sending hand-written notes. Whatever you choose to do, just remember that marketing is a regular, consistent part of running your real estate business.

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