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Marketing a doctor’s office can be a very difficult task that requires a large marketing budget to achieve good results. However, as marketing efforts shift to online mediums, doctors and medical practices are seeing a decrease in marketing expenditures and a boost in revenue. The smart ones that is.

By strategically utilizing online marketing channels, medical offices have the ability to not only provide medical care, but help patients on a more personal level. The approach should be to provide answers to the many questions patients have and do so in a way that is not overly self-serving. Through accurate information, doctors can educate their patients and this builds a more coherent, trustworthy relationship that will lead to longtime patients and a respectable, well-known practice that receives loads of word-of-mouth referrals.

Secondly, regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), medical practices will find that ranking high in search engines is vital to successfully marketing in the future. If a potential patient is located in Orange County and wants to find a local doctor, they will almost always jump onto a search engine and enter a query along the lines of “Orange County physician” or variations of such. The goal is to strategically place your medical website at the top of search engines so these potential patients land on your website first and not competitor sites. This is the glory of SEO.

I hope the above information has been helpful and good luck marketing your medical practice! With the right amount of effort your work will pay off.

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group

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