Minimalist Culture in Web Design

Minimalist Culture in Web Design

Minimalist web design is dictating the order on the internet and there are sound reasons behind it. Adhering to minimalist website design means that you are embraceing not only simplicity but also creating beauty. The great Greek philosopher rightly put forth few hundred years back … "You can only enjoy the real happiness, when you seek less." Indirectly, he alluded "having less could mean more." If we correlate this axiom to the big and modern digital world, being minimalist is definitely moving towards the success path. Irrespective of whether one is going for time shopping, or networking or browsing knowledge websites, it is the minimalist design that counts and helps potential buyers and visitors to buy or seek what they want to buy or seek.

Of late the serious thinking on minimalist design and development has begun to foray. If we look into the past, there are several cluttered websites loaded on web servers that have made navigation confusing and all the more useless. One of predominant purposes behind principle of minimalism in website design is to de clutter. When we talk about the website design, basically we are moving towards less less, less bulky and more subtle design. In the times now, more designers and developers are working on the minimalist website design concepts wherein, they are designing the pages that have less of images, minimum flashy colors and minimum multimedia elements. Minimalist designs have made online business not only effective, but also quite engaging and affordable one too. Again one of the significant purposes behind minimalist design approach is to subtly and purposefully convey the desired business message … and this is true.

The reality is that most of experienced website designers and developers are finding it pretty hard to shift to the concept of minimalist website design. Certainly this concept is not everyone's bailiwick. Researches show that keeping website designs pretty simple and yet meaningful, is indeed a difficult task to get around with. From the perspective of website designers and developers, here are few principals which they should adhere to, when moving towards minimalist design:

  • Use only relevant graphics and images and keep a proper balance. When we talk of principle of minimalism in website design, we do not mean that one should not use graphics or images of any sort. But rather, all images and graphics that are used in the website should have some basis. Moreover, the website pages should not be overdone with images and graphics.
  • Content should be logical and not verbose. Another principle of minimalism is to make sure that content is understandable, not long winded and placed where it is required. Flooding the website pages with irrelevant content will confuse the website visitors and will keep the crawlers away from your website. And you know what is likely to happen after a while !!!
  • Sufficient amount of white space is must on every page. White space creates breathing space as much as it creates the balance.

Make sure that the next website that you create should have minimalist approach.

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