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Few people know that like the computer apps and software, mobile apps are also quite vulnerable to the hackers. Hacking is the technical prowess that executes negatively by accessing the vital & confidential information and leaking it out illegally. The advancement of technology has provided so many tools in the hands of the hackers that have actually facilitated the process of hacking and have made it simple and go clean!

Returning home after loading an important document file in the office PC and finding it nil on the very next morning is not a very rare picture. But as hackers have gone technically sound too, this is not a very rare picture in mobile apps also. This is the reason, the big companies try to secure their devices spending a lot of money, but yet failing abruptly due to the unsecured application layer of the OS that is easily accessible for the hackers till now. This ruins the reputation of the company, so the developers need to develop the security measure for the mobile apps. This action should be taken at the time of mobile app development to avoid such phishing attacks.

But the human brain always finds a solution to every problem. Thus, developers strive to find the protection against the hacking in order to secure the industry more firmly. Here are some steps that the developers should take to safeguard their apps well-

Scrutinizing at the fundamental stage

Analyzing the app at the time of sketching the app is the prime concern of the app developers and the security monitoring team of an organization. This begins with realization and identifying the potential threats that can affect the apps and harm the repute of the company. This process should be included in the app development life cycle by evaluating the status, targets & objectives of the organization, the technical environment for the manufacturing & employment of the app, the tasks taken for the development and impertinence and the demand for the app in the current marketplace. A SWOT analysis thus can be quite helpful in this matter.

Effective threat modeling process

Here, the developers and the security monitoring team should work hand in hand. The task begins by focusing on the sensitive data storage points where most of the crucial information is stored. Once the threats are identified, the actions should be taken to eliminate them, which can be safely done by the threat modeling procedure.

Assessment of the design

Evaluation of the design is a major requirement in the process of mobile app development. This is needed to recognize the errors and risks at the initial stage of the development. This improves the app and its quality. But it goes better when this task is performed by an outsider, as the judgment will be neutral and the errors can be easily recognized which the developers have overlooked.

Re-checking of codes

This is certainly the major risk part as codes are the essential things in this matter. The units of the codes should be re-assessed in the development phase to avoid loopholes which make the app well secured.

Identifying the threats

Checking the quality of the manufactured product or service before delivering it to the customers is essential. Therefore, a quality analyst should be deployed in order to evaluate the apps in order to identify the threats and to test thoroughly all the parameters to reduce the risks.

Optimizing the app on the basis of the industry standard

Developing the app is not enough, you need to attain the security scorecard according to the global industry standards and thus, to acquire a security certificate, you need your app to be tested against industry standard benchmarks. It’s ideal to assess the app’s success, according to the industry standards and enhancements are made if required.

Safeguarding an app is not a matter of joke. From the app’s personal safety to the company repute, everything depends on it. This can be attained if the processes are utilized in every stage perfectly.

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