Mobile Is Huge, Design For It

If you are a web designer then you should be designing for mobile. The Mobile Web is growing by leaps and bounds and if you are not designing for them, then you are not designing. The purchasing power of mobile devices accelerated this year in comparison to prior years. Sales coming from mobile devices in the US is expected to reach $ 3.7 billion in 2010, with most of the buying coming during the holiday season, according to a study by ABI Research, which tracks the eCommerce industry. The projection compares with $ 1.2 billion in 2009 and just $ 396 million in 2008, according to ABI. Taking a closer look at those numbers and you will see that each year, sales tripled.

Considering past performance predicts future results, 2011 should be a platinum year with $ 12- $ 14 billion in sales. While these amounts are a speck of the $ 2.3 trillion of retail spending done in the US annually, mobile commerce has two major things going for it, experts said. It is a great shopping aid, and it's growing as an actual shopping tool. The beautiful thing about shopping with mobile is the fact that you can be in one store, compare prices using your mobile device, and then while being in store that you can purchase the product you are interested in from another store while on your mobile device. Why is mobile the way of the future? The answer is that there are three times more cell phones in use than there are computers, and people generally keep their cell phones within three feet of them twenty four hours a day !.

When Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, told the world at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February 2010) that "Mobile is pretty much the answer to everything" it was quite the revelation that all of us as designers needed to heed. If making money is the key, then cell phones and mobile marketing is the direction we all need to go. He also stated that "Anything that Google creates from here on out will be first on the mobile platform and then worked around for the desktop."

Considering the numbers and who Google is and their power, we should follow their lead and worry about designing for mobile before we worry about designing for those artifacts that sit on our desk. Believe in the old adage that "Good artists innovate, great artists steal." Take what the successful do and implement it into what it is you do.