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Mobiles provide excellent platform for delivering information since it's portable & always with their intended users at most hours. Although the primary function of any mobile is to successfully assist in two way communication between people, convergence of technologies allow mobile manufacturers to load their products with enhanced features that further provide improve the users experience. Due to technology innovations, mobile users can now shoot high quality pictures, videos, access mails, browse the web, entertain them via games & apps, use GPS-Navigation, get news alerts; all using the same device. Mobile handsets can also serve as an important Mobile Marketing Strategy for your business as it allows you to directly reach your target market without having to depend upon fixed location of your audience.
It's the smartphone audience that you should be looking at. Smartphone users across the world has sharply risen in the past some years. Over 400 million smartphones were shipped last year. Going by the numbers, smartphones will pip feature phones in the coming years. The advantage of using smartphone as your base for Mobile marketing strategy is most smartphones have larger display then conventional phones. This assumes that you could adopt larger HTML ads, indulge the consumers with fascinating ads & enhance your branding.

The following ideas should help you bridge your Mobile Marketing Strategy at its best effectiveness:

1. Search : Smartphone users just do not use their phones to call or text. They use to browse the internet, search on the move & access their social networking accounts. Search via GPRS or 3G has a different domain usually 'm' prefixed before any website to give access that streamlined for view on a cell phone. Here's essential to keep your website & social media identities mobile optimized & ready

2. SMS Campaign : Sending a quick viral text to thousands of mobile users via service providers or internet based websites is a sharp idea. SMS marketing campaign is simple & does not require too much effort or manpower. Just establish your geographic audience preference, select various parameters and a marketing budget and its ready.

3. Apps online : Smartphone users download millions of apps everyday. So develop your brand app today & post it on various apps stores online – from Apple to Blackberry to Google.

4. Social Media Integration : People love to access their social networking accounts on the go. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, people like to stay connected and check-in every minute detail on their pages. So make sure you have a check-in place established for your brand so that every time your customers visit you, their entire network gets a buzz. Better still, offer discounts to those who check-in frequently.

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