Mobile Web Design Development – Critical Issues

Mobile Web Design Development – Critical Issues

Mobile Web Design Development – Critical Issues

As the number of smart phones and tablets increase in the market and with the masses, the market of mobile web design development also grows. The market of mobile applications is also growing dramatically. It has been observed that most of the tools that were being used for traditional web design are also being used mobile web design. Some of the critical issues that come up when dealing with web design are variations in the size of the screen, the elements to draw the attention of the user and the issues relating to the usability of the mobile application.


In case of mobile web application the navigation needs to be as simple as possible because it is one of prime considerations for the success of any mobile web application. The navigation for reaching the final pages needs to make as short as possible.

When we compare the desk top application with the mobile application from the visitor's perspective it can differ a lot. It is quite possible that the purpose of the visitors of mobile applications and desktop applications may vary a lot.

The target of the desk top applications and mobile web application can also vary a lot. The mobile interface should be so focused and simple that it task oriented approach is exhibited.

No Gimmicks

Usually the efficiency of generating business by the mobile application is surprising, just because the mobile web applications are void of gimmicks. The success of the web application depends on its need, its utility, easy functionality, easy navigation and ease to understand it.

Branding and Utility

The placing of the logo on the web page plays a crucial role in the branding of the mobile web site. Usually the mobile applications are designed to exhibit the logo on the top of the web page. The mobile application should be user oriented and designed to cater to the needs of the users.

When the web design is being prepared its utility by the user should be of prime concern. At the end of the day it is final user who runs the mobile website by buying the offers and generating revenue for sustenance of the website.

Task Orientation of Mobile Website

The mobile website should facilitate the visitor with the needed information in the least number of clicks. Usually the visitor after visiting the mobile sites more than once tries to skip the pages like the welcome message page that has less relevance. This assumes that the visitors who have gotten used to the mobile website will reach the destination pages anyhow but this has to be taken very seriously in case of first time visitors. The visitors of websites try to finish their purpose of visiting the website as soon as possible. So, the mobile website needs to be task oriented.


The content of the mobile website should be to the point and without any beating about the bush. The visitors of website do not like to read lengthy descriptions and subject themselves to lengthy sales pitching.

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