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Facebook is a marketers dream. Imagine Meeting people around the globe with the ability to retrieve phone numbers and email address of all your Facebook friends. This feature alone connects you with millions of potential customers or members for your business. And while Facebook can be a great place to network, it can also be a spammer's paradise.

Spam often ruins money making opportunities for others. Here's a couple of ways to avoid being branded a spammer and capitalize on your Social network .

1. Personalize your message when requesting Facebook friends. I've accepted plenty of friend requests, simply because I felt like I knew the requester. Mention the person's first name and a brief statement about you and you boost your chances of being accepted.

2. Make a Personal blog. A Personal Blog is the largest secret to marketing on Facebook and other social networks. Create a blog where you list your family vacation, photos and where people can really get to know you. A personal blog gives people a look into your personal life.

3. Join random conversations. Let people know your human, by visiting your friend's profile and joining the conversations on their wall . I once sent a chat back and forth for 30 minutes about "popcorn seasoning". The following day I posted a blurb about my webinar. The response was instant! People want to connect with real people.

4. Seek people with the same interest – This may seem like a simple step, but many marketers fall into a trap of not targeting their audience.

5. Lastly, Post an update at least every 3 days. This is a critical step. Consistency buildings relationships and trust. Remember people only buy from people they trust and like. Use these tips and you'll have a better chance at making money on social networks.