Myrtle-Beach Guide To Website Design

Details are very important when putting up a site. And these details are there because they are essential. As I always mentioned before, make your site’s contents useful and not just a “bling, bling” sensation for everyone.

Utilizing all the details on your website could make your readers happy. This means that they would find your site easy to navigate. In addition, happy customers credit your site because it takes little time to download everything and the contents are readable because they are clear, short and comprehensive.

I know for starters that establishing a website may be too overwhelming. Who would not be when there are too many distractions offering you free or cheap software for your site? Choosing from all of them greatly affect your overall plans for your site. So I suggest that you put only the essential things on your site. When doing this, it is also better if you could make an mock layout of how your site will look like.

The rule of the thumb here is: Keep your site nice and clean.

Your site should not :

1. Appear cluttered, that is, too many distractions on a page.


Lessen the contents by creating a link directing the reader to another page.

Avoid animated / flash ads, instead choose ads that are simple and will very much compliment your page overall look.

Pop-ups are more annoying than helpful. So this is a big NO.

2. Take a long time to download. Remember that not everyone is connected to a fast server.


Do not overload your site’s page with too much content, especially too many graphics and video / audio streams.

3. Be inconsistent throughout. Make every page the same in color, navigational tools and directions, and overall impression.

TIP: Be able to choose colors that are nice to look at. There are tips that will help you choose the right color schemes for your site.

Navigational tools should be properly put in place, where your visitors could easily see it.

When designing your site, put into mind a website that is HOME. Like the saying “There is no place like HOME”, bear in mind your visitors ease and comfort right through your web pages. A contented visitor will most likely back because he has found a site that is so easy to use and is free from frustrations.

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