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Blogging has been one of my favorite tools in the marketing game for a few months now and there's good reason for it. Mostly, it's the ease with which I am able to get it done. Most other website creation methods, while not neurosurgery, can be time consuming and involve a bit of research. I still whole-heartedly recommend going out and starting your own website for whatever marketing methods you're using, but before all that, considering starting a blog.

What Does a Blog Do?

I could write for hours about what a blog actually does, but to distill it down to one, simple thing – it helps you get to know your audience. A blog is a direct link between you and the prospects you're trying to impress and when you take a business like this online, that's a mighty powerful tool.

After all, how many ways do you really get to know people online? It's called a Christian HOME business for a reason – you're almost always at HOME and the people you deal with are in their HOMEs, across the state, country, or possibly even the globe.

So, a blog, which allows you to talk directly to them, as if you're in the same room, with your own voice and not all that marketing jargon, is massively useful for breaking down barriers and creating a direct link between you and them.

What Do You Blog About?

Personally, I blog about what is important to me – my family, my faith, my business. These things are all a part of what makes me who I am and I try to display that to my readers as much as possible. Of course, just talking about your life will not get you anywhere. You need to offer something of value as well.

If you were a car mechanic and wanted to write a blog about fixing classic cars, you'd ever need to write how-to guides and tutorials about fixing various parts on a car, right? The same holds true for your blog. I like to use the "Gold Nugget Rule". Every blog post I write, whatever the topic is, needs to have one gold nugget of information in it.

It might be a link to another site, a download to help my readers, or a suggestion (hint, hint) for how to do something better. If you follow this simple rule, you'll quickly find that your blog draws in countless new readers, based solely on your ability to speak to the problems of your readers with solutions and anecdotes that affect them.

Sure, there are dozens more ways to engage your readers on a blog – through comments, link exchanges, and question / answer series among other things, but for now, just focus on writing what you know and offering your expertise. You've been surprised how far that can take you.

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