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          <title>On Failures And Successes: Meet SmashingConf Freiburg 2018</title>

              <h1>On Failures And Successes: Meet SmashingConf Freiburg 2018</h1>

                <address>Vitaly Friedman</address>
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            Everybody loves speaking about successes, but nobody can succeed without failing <em>big time</em> along the way. It’s through mistakes that we grow and get smarter. So for the upcoming SmashingConf Freiburg 2018 (Sept. 10&ndash;11), we want to put these stories into focus for a change and explore <strong>practical techniques and strategies</strong> learned in real projects — the <em>hard</em> way. Aarron Walter, Josh Clark, Tammy Everts, Morten Rand-Hendriksen &amp; many others. Sept <span class="small-caps">10–11</span>. Early-Birds are available now&nbsp;→
SmashingConf Freiburg 2018
One track, two days, honest talks, live sessions, and a handful of practical workshops. That’s SmashingConf Freiburg 2018! Excited yet?

The night before the conference we’ll be hosting a FailNight — a warm-up party with a twist. Every session will be highlighting how we all failed on a small or big scale, and what we all can learn from it. With talks from the community, for the community. Sounds like fun? Well, it will be!


As usual, one track, two conference days (Sept. 10–11), 12 speakers, and just 260 available seats. The conference will cover everything from efficient design workflow to design systems and copywriting, multi-cultural designs, designing for mobile and other fields that may come up in your day-to-day work.

First confirmed speakers include:

  • Design for Machine Learning
    Josh Clark (Big Medium)
  • Frontend Performance
    Tammy Everts (SpeedCurve)
  • Design Systems
    Aarron Walter (Invision)
  • Good/Bad UX Writing Patterns
    Andrea Drugay (Dropbox)
  • CSS Grid
    Morten Rand-Hendriksen (Lynda)
  • UX Research
    Hannah Pileggi (Airbnb)
  • JS Animation
    Seb Lee-Delisle (PixelPyros)
  • Designing For Global Audiences
    ChuiChui Tan (Beyō Global)
  • Finding Focus
    Craig Mod
  • Mystery Speaker

    Somebody you definitely know, and respect.
First confirmed speakers
Aarron Walter and Tammy Everts are two of the first confirmed speakers.

Conference Tickets

€599Get Your Ticket

Two days of great speakers and networking
Check all speakers →

Conf + Workshop Tickets

Save €100 Conf + Workshop

Three days full of learning and networking
Check all workshops →

Workshops At SmashingConf Freiburg

Our workshops give you the opportunity to spend a full day on the topic of your choice. Tickets for the full-day workshops cost €399. If you buy a workshop ticket in combination with a conference ticket, you’ll save €100 on the regular workshop ticket price. Seats are limited

Workshops on Wednesday, September 12th

Josh Clark on Design For What’s Next
Josh ClarkSpend a day exploring the web’s emerging interactions and how you can put them to work today. Your guide is designer Josh Clark, author of Designing for Touch and ambassador of the near future. As you move into newer design tools — speech, bots, physical interfaces, artificial intelligence, and more — you’ll learn the tools and techniques for prototyping and launching these new interfaces and get answers to foundational questions for all your projects. Read more…

Seb Lee-Delisle on JavaScript Graphics And Animation
Seb Lee-DelisleIn this workshop, Seb will demonstrate a variety of beautiful visual effects using JavaScript and HTML5 canvas. You will learn animation and graphics techniques that you can use to add a sense of dynamism to your projects. Seb demystifies programming and explores its artistic possibilities. His presentations and workshops enable artists to overcome their fear of code and encourage programmers of all backgrounds to be more creative and imaginative. Read more…

Vitaly Friedman on Dirty Little Tricks From The Dark Corners Of eCommerce
Vitaly FriedmanIn this workshop, Vitaly will use real-life examples as a case study and examine refinements of the interface on spot. You’ll set up a very clear roadmap on how you can do the right things in the right order to improve conversion and customer experience. That means removing distractions, minimizing friction and avoiding disruptions and dead ends caused by the interface. Read more…


As always, the Historical Merchants’ Hall located right in the heart of our HOMEtown Freiburg will be the HOME of SmashingConf Freiburg. First mentioned in 1378 and having retained its present-day form since 1520, the “Kaufhaus” is a symbol of the importance of trade in medieval Freiburg, and, well, its beautiful architecture still blows our audience away each year anew.

Historical Merchants’ Hall
The “Kaufhaus” (Historical Merchants’ Hall) will be our Freiburg venue also this time around. (Image credit: John Davey)

Why This Conference Could Be For You

Each SmashingConf is a friendly and intimate experience. A cozy get-together of likeminded people who share their stories, their ideas, their hard-learned lessons. At SmashingConf Freiburg you will learn how to:

  1. Use production-ready CSS Grid layouts,
  2. Performance audits,
  3. Recognize, revise, and resolve dark patterns and misleading copy in your own products,
  4. Design and build a product with a global audience in mind,
  5. Extract action-oriented insights from real user data,
  6. Create better e-commerce experiences,
  7. Create responsible machine-learning applications,
  8. Get leading design right,
  9. … and a lot more.

Download “Convince Your Boss” PDF

You need to convince your boss to send you to Freiburg? No worries, we’ve prepared a neat Convince Your Boss PDF that you can use to tip the scales in your favor. Fingers crossed.

Diversity And Inclusivity

SmashingConfs are a safe, friendly place. We care about diversity and inclusivity at our events and don’t tolerate any disrespect. We also provide student and diversity tickets.

See You In Freiburg!

We’d love you to join us for two memorable days, lots of learning, sharing, and inspiring conversations with friendly people, of course. See you there!

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