On Page Search Engine Optimization

If you want your site listed in the Search Engines, first thing to do is the so called, On Page Search Engine Optimization, in other words you must make your pages in a way that the search engines find easy to read. And that, is not difficult at all. Once you know how to do it, you might even be surprised on how easy it can be.

Some search Engines are different then others but they all follow a similar pattern that can be observed.

First I would like to talk about HTML, I am not going to teach you html here, but what I am going to talk about is its importance in a webpage. Some html enthusiasts sometimes are criticized because they want their code to be perfect, well if you can make it perfect why not, what the search engines read when they come to your site is html, so why not make it nice without mistakes so it can read quickly and smoothly. If you can not get a green light from the validator which sometimes can be quite difficult if you are not very familiar with html, try to avoid errors at all cost, and keep the warnings at a minimum. There are many validators around but I suggest you use the On Page SEO it's considered the top authority, and it's excellent and easy to use, it tells what's wrong and what you need to do to put it right and it's free.

With that in mind we move on to the name of the html page.
When I first started building websites I use to name my pages: page_01.html, page_02.html or 01.html and 02.html.
The name of the html page is very important and you can use it at your own advantage to attract search engines, a page called page_01.html does not mean anything to the search engines, if you are talking about red roses, it makes more sense to call your page red-roses.html or red_roses.html, just from this the search engines know that you want to talk about red roses, and if you carry on talking about red roses, they might get interested with your page.

Next come the so called title tags which are right at the beginning of the code in your page just after the html tag and I would put red roses there as well, that's a way to keep talking about the same thing. If you do a search for what ever you want and look at the results, you will find that your search is present in the title of the results displayed by the search engine and if this website is at the top most of the time you will find your search term in the description as well.

Keywords are not as important as they use to be, but they are still important, use them in the right way, just be specific and that means putting the necessary keywords only, no more than five, and related to the main one which is the title.

In the description include the title and if you can try to include any other key words that you may have, and make sure the description says in a few words what you are going to talk about in the rest of the page. The description is very important because most of the search engines display it on their search results, and you can use it to attract visitor to your page, many webmaster have studied this and use what they call hypnotic words to catch the visitor attention.

The page content has got to original information preferably all of it new but that could be very difficult to achieve due to the huge amount of information already around the net, but the more the better. The search engines know in a few seconds if the content of your page is new or not. Do not try to cheat them; you might as well be cheating your self. Some people think that SEO is a profession of tricks used to steal the number one spot. That was probably true a few years ago, but these days the search engines have become more sophisticated and there is no tricks really. They are looking for good information so they can give a good service to the millions of people which use them.

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