One Billion Facebook Users in 2012!

Our interface with technology is changing at a rapid speed. There is currently such a wide choice of platforms to interface with every social network from Facebook to the new Google Buzz is rallying for our attention. There is a social revolution of massive choice in that now there are thousands of ports and Channels in which to receive data and information. You Tube for example offers thousands of niche channels to choose from and users are becoming more selective with the channels that they choose to engage with.

Operating as a small business it is now more crucial than ever to build a solid personal brand which answers these questions, who am I? What are my values?
How do I want to inspire, educate and provide opportunities and great value to my clients? "

In any niche market if you make sure you add massive value, give away some of your best information and over deliver then you will build a strong database of loyal customers.

With the daily expansion of social networking sites, twitter, face book, linked in, et-cetera Just like the first settlers in the California Gold Rush of 1848-1855, you need to stake your claim of internet real estate!

One excellent strategy is to drill down to really understand the needs and desires of your niche then go deeper to discover what questions remain unanswered in your micro niche. An example of this would be in the health and diet niche, further investigation reveals there is a market for individuals suffering from diabetes, what problems can be solved here?

Ideally the niche and micro niche you choose must be an area you have some knowledge, passion and expertise in. As you know your passion will then shine through all your promotional efforts.

Finally action steps to take: Define your Passion, identify your core values ​​then build your brand on solid foundations to dominate your niche and target your micro niche.