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One of the best strategies for customer acquisition that marketers utilize in order to increase returns is conversion rate optimization. Unfortunately, many are not doing properly. Even though a very high percentage of paid marketing campaigns are not successful, marketers continue to blindly invest in such advertising methods to increase traffic.

While social platforms and search engine advertising will help reach a wider audience and cause a hike in website traffic, it is all for naught if that traffic is not successfully converted into leads. For this reason, several marketers are now implementing strategies for conversion rate optimization in order to achieve better results. Surprisingly, almost a quarter of those brands are pleased with the outcome.

When you provide a valuable customer journey, your conversion rate optimization will get a substantial boost. In fact, it is wrong to try leading everyone to your sales letter or opt-in page. The best customer journey does not include a pushy salesperson. Instead, direct visitors to the right pages and encourage them into your sales funnel by engaging with them.

Understanding Customer Persona

Simply understanding customer persona will lead to a greater rate of conversion. Begin by precisely defiling your customer sector. Explore the attitude, desires, needs and pains of your potential customers. In addition, any time you discover a fresh customer segment, you may need to consider altering your business model in order to accommodate new opportunities.

By using empathy in this way, you will be able to expedite the process of customer discovery. You will also gain access to actionable tools for exploring the various aspects of the customer persona. Then, you will be able to develop a more innovative business model.

Leveraging History

You will need to support your conversion rate optimization strategy with historical data prior to implementing your growth hacking strategy. For instance, taking out data related to your current customers that subscribe to your monthly plan is a great way to learn about customer lifetime value.

When you are aware of the amount of time that a customer will remain with you before quitting and moving to the product of your competitors, you can create an engagement strategy to produce a greater retention rate. The same is true for those who offer one-off discounts and create revenue from the sale of tangible products.

Retargeting strategies are the ideal way to increase your conversion rate optimization on the basis of customer buying behavior. Look at the customers who make follow up purchases or refer additional customers to your brand. These are the people that you need to engage with and invite to your loyalty program.

Customer Education

It is not wise to steer all of your website traffic to your sign up page in the hopes that they will make a purchase. Instead, focus on an automated process that will assist your visitors in a pleasant, educational tour of your site. Consider the unique needs of every customer segment that needs to be addressed.

It does not matter how you attract customers, it is vital that your campaigns lead them to the right page. The fact is that focusing on trying to get every visitor to sign up prior to understanding the value your product offers, will actually have a negative effect on your conversion rate.

Engage with Customers

Finally, your conversion rate optimization strategy should not end once a purchase is made. Research has shown that customer retention is much more cost efficient than customer acquisition.

Use your company blog or email marketing strategy as a way of keeping customers engaged. Offer helpful tips to invigorate your retention strategy. Content marketing is among the best strategies for this all important element of the customer journey.