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PPC, Pay Per Click, One of the most easiest and quickest way to get traffic and earn lot of money. Now what is PPC and how you can earn money with it? I think this is the simplest way to earn money. Just find the keywords relevant to your site create the ads and start getting the traffic.

There are two ways by which you can get the traffic. One is called as CPC and other is CPM. CPC, cost per click in which the ads are shown on search engines. CPM, cost per impression, ads are shown on particular sites. You can put the ads either in search engines or on the sites or both. It is your own choice how you want your ads to appear.

Now the next question that arrives in everyone's mind is of cost. So let me clear that anyone can make a lot of money by spending a very little amount of money. You can get lots of clicks and conversions by using the relevant keywords. You have to maintain the balance between your keywords and the cost.

Keyword Research is the main keyhole of any search engine marketing whenever it is PPC or organic search marketing. To get the higher number of clicks one has to extract the most relevant keywords to his site.

There are some simple steps that one must follow for higher number of clicks

1. Observe your own product what you want to sell
2. Generate the keywords that are most relevant to your product.
3. Find General Terms That People Search For
4. Expand your Keyword List
5. Do not make unnecessary stuffing of keywords
6. Identify Average Search Volume
7. Estimated Bid Price
8. Competitor Ads
9. Make a final list

Pay per click advertising can be one of the best ways to bring new blood to your website. But making sure you get the right balance between cost and keywords is important if you are going to make the most of it. Connect with me at addys16@gmail.com for any kind of information, help or services.