Pay Per Click Marketing Secrets

Pay Per Click Marketing also known as PPC is a service provided by Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN. There are other lower tier search engines which also allow you to advertise in the same fashion, however, I would recommend staying with the 3 main search engines because the traffic is generally better.

If you’re looking to master Pay Per Click marketing, its important to understand that creating PPC campaigns is just 1 cog in the chain of Internet Marketing. There are many factors leading to conversion. For now, lets look at how we can get a good quality score for individual keywords.

1. For tracking purposes, it is a good idea to have 1 keyword per ad group. That way, when a keyword converts for you, you will be able to know which adgroup it was that lead to the conversion.

2. When bidding for keywords, you can generally follow the 1% rule. This is because, it can take about 100 clicks before you make a sale. Therefore, ending a keyword too early after 2 or 3 clicks may not be a good idea. If you find that you’re biddig to high for a keyword, its better to either let go of it, or if this is a good keyword, then build a good site with matching theme for that keyword. This will lower the cost per click.

3. Try searching for offers where you can get free $100 credit to test Adwords. You may find that Adwords is expensive, but if you can construct good landing pages, paying just $0.01 per click is very lucrative and can easily earn $100s of dollars in profits daily.

Good keyword, as well as some competitor research is key before embarking on a Pay Per Click campaign.

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Justin Malonson is the CEO of Coastal Media Brand and the Founder of LyfeLoop a 16+ year tech innovator and investigative media researcher. Justin is a highly sought-after tech entrepreneur, industry speaker and winner of the coveted Business Achievement Awards "Top Digital Marketer" award. With 16+ years of demanding experience, Justin has worked with over 3,000 businesses including amazing clients such as Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Sotheby's International Realty, Duke University, White House Black Market, Tiffin Motorhomes, Bass Pro Shops and Beazer Homes USA.

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