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With so many people and competition in Google Adwords, it is hard to get your campaign ranked high in the search engines.  If you have a difficult niche such as Internet moneymaking or drop shipping, your cost per click can be very high.  Even though almost thirty percent of the world’s population uses Google, there are other sites that can benefit your company.

The first Web site that uses pay per click advertising is Yahoo.  Yahoo Search Marketing is a great way to keep your cost per click down and increase your company awareness.  With less people searching Yahoo, the less your cost per click will be for each niche.  This can also lead to more campaigns in different areas of your niche.  With Yahoo, it is easy to target more in-depth because of the lower competition between companies and Web sites.

The next pay per click site that can be used is Facebook.  Facebook is currently the number one social network on the web and can be used to drive a great amount of traffic to your Web site.  Facebook allows you to pick your target market by specifying certain characteristics of each profile that fits your niche.  This is very beneficial to your conversion rates.  This means that you will have more people that are interested and willing to buy without all of the random clicks by non-targeted web searchers.  Because Facebook is still fairly new, the cost per click is still low and so is the competition.  On average, each cost per click is around $.30-$.59 for a mid competition niche.

The last pay per click site that can be used is MySpace.  With so many people using Myspace each day, it can be a huge part of your business.  If your company targets young adults, MySpace might be your best bet.  Your advertisements show when searches are made, people click on profiles and when they are simply searching for things to do.  There is a good chance that if you have a campaign in place, and it is in range of your target market, it will be clicked and a conversion will be made.

With all the hype on Google Adwords, it is hard for small companies to compete.  Lucky for us, by using other Web sites such as Facebook, Yahoo, and MySpace, you can target certain people with high conversion rates.  Remember to always test your campaigns, understand what needs to be changed on a daily basis and keep up with your competition.   The process can be challenging, but with a little help, your campaigns will be running smoothly and your company will be seen by thousands of targeted people.

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