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In: Social Media

Type the words "Digital Marketing Resources" into any online search engine and the references and sources are almost overwhelming. Within the same sources industry experts abound with advice, suggestions and pitches. However, what seems to be sparse is information about organizations, enterprises and companies making serious, strategic investments in people as digital marketing resources.

From another angle, how serious are businesses and organizations taking the new media / digital revolution? When an organization jumps on the social media bandwagon, how are they preparing? Are they strategically planning so that their participation in social media includes a plan, training of current communications personnel and / or hiring of new personnel with the latest new media skills and rolling it into the overall business plan? Or, is the approach more like starting a Facebook, tweeting and blogging without, guidelines, a plan or in the least a framework for a plan? If this electronic communication wave was an innovative manufacturing technology the discussions would most likely start with QS9000 and / or ISO alignment, aka quality standardization systems.

Considering the impact of communication it should be clear that the management of direct marketing resources needs to start with investing in people. Companies and organizations must realize this as part of the overall communications strategy first, before focusing on the tactics (delivery methods, tools, frequency, etc.). "On-the-job / off-the-cuff" seems to be popular. However participation in the digital marketing arena must include a plan. Strategy planning and specialized / corporate training for professionals should be two main areas of time and resource investment. Two companies exhibiting progressive and strategic social media communications planning are Dell and IBM but they are in the minority.

Communication is the "social" face and voice of organizations, companies and institutions. Social media and new media technologies are the new tools are here to stay. However, communication never left. Methods and tools have been upgraded and re-packaged, but communication is still the foundation.

Careful communication through the channels of new media communications is vital and requires a position in the business plan under both short and long terms sections. This commitment also calls for serious commitment from the top.

People as a digital marketing resource …. it is a critical investment.