PHP – Why Is It the Most Preferred Web Development Language?

PHP – Why Is It the Most Preferred Web Development Language?

In a very short span of time, the world has seen the evolution of a number of web technologies. PHP has been the only web technology that has seen heights of popularity and success. It has been modified and implemented in numerous ways to help businesses represent themselves and provide their customers with the best possible online services.

At the very core, PHP has a very secure and robust architecture. Applications developed using this language is usually secure, stable and safe. It is an open source platform so; the source code is available and free for modification as per business requirements. Well, the overall cost of development is low – without any compromise on quality. It offers you with unmatched functionality in comparison to any other scripting language. It also offers users to have more control over HTML to create awesome web pages. Many other languages require large scripts to perform very simple tasks – which PHP can do in just a few lines of code.

Here are a few undeniable reasons why PHP is so widely used and very popular today:

PHP is open source

PHP is an open source programming language as mentioned earlier. This means that you do not have to wait for the manufacturers to release the next version with probably the features you want. You can simply modify the code and introduce innovative features for your business.

It is easy to read and edit

One of the main reasons why PHP is preferred is that it is easy to read and easy to edit. It is organized, clean and fluent. PHP documents need not be in a particular order for the program to be able to read it. It allows for users to quickly add new functionality on the go. This is especially good for long pages with a lot of scripts. Users can take full advantage of their programming skills and experience as they can write their own scripts and modify as per business requirement.

More control

PHP offers more control over web browsers. What many of the other programming languages can do with a number of complex scripts, PHP can accomplish within a few lines of coding. PHP offers with a number of features to design a good website. It allows you to design web pages with exact specifications.

Better performance

PHP is fast, efficient, and works great in almost any web browser as well as can be integrated into any web server. Users can add new lines of code on the go and the watch their website transform into a powerful web portal.

Above all PHP is free and does not have to worry about cost effectiveness of the project. It can be easily modified into anything you want it to be. It is widely available and implemented and powers over 60 percent of the web today. It is a powerful, feature rich web programming language and will continue to be in the near future too.

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