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It's pretty much widely known by all Internet marketers that one of the best ways to generate leads is by giving away free content. Like ebooks, audio lessons, video lessons, and things of that nature.

But one thing that is starting to happen is, these things are losing their power.

In fact, I have been listening for years now how giving away free reports and content in exchange for someone giving you their email address is not quite as powerful as it used to be.

At least, that is what is looks like.

The truth is, giving away freebies to generate leads not only works, but works as well as ever before – as long as you do it the right way.

What is the right way?

The answer is simple:

Instead of doing what most other people do – which is to give away things everyone else is giving away, and that people already have ten copies of – you give away unique gifts they can not get anywhere else.

In other words, if someone can get your freebie from anyone else, do not use it. Instead use your own proprietary content. Content that has real value to it and that people would actually be willing to pay money for on its own.

If you do not have anything to give away, simply call an expert, record the call and turn that into unique content. You can have an audio file and written transcripts – true value.

Whatever you do just know that, in reality, nothing has changed.

People still love free things. The problem is nobody wants two copies of something they already have.

And if you're creative with what you give away – if you use some real strategy – it will work for you like gangbusters.

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