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PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is one of the quickest methode to promote Clickbank products. You start a compaign for example with Google Adwords and pay for very visitor that comes to your website. PPC is a common way to drive quality traffic to websites.

It might be a little complicated at the beginning, let me explain how PPC works:

  1. Find a product that you want to promote

    Clickbank offers many different products. You can choose from eBooks, Software and physical goods.

  1. Create a Google Adwords account

    To run the compaign you need to create a Google Adwords account. If you already have one continue with step 3.

  2. Choose the keywords

    This is a very important step. Don’t underestimate the importance of keywords. Choose the keywords that you want to find your Ad with.

  3. Create a new campaign

    Now you can set up your campaign. Fill in the headline and the descrition, make it short but interesting that people will click on your ad, also fill in your affiliate link.

    Set your daily budget, this means the maximum amount that you want to spend a day for the click. For the beginning keep it lower, when you really know what you doing set it higher. Next, set the maximum that you want to pay for a click.

Your campaign is created! Now be patient and wait for the first clicks and check your Clickbank account how many sales you made.

Google Adwords is not the only one that offers PPC, but it’s the most famous one with the most traffic. Yahoo and many other networks also offer PPC.

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