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Let us think you are a creative website designer and you are receiving phenomenal traffic at your website. Now, do you identify the objects which get a viewers attention when they visit your professional web site design company’s website for the first time? Let us do a rapid brain-storm and discuss this matter.

Nowadays, it is well known to us that visitors are keen to browse through images and links. They don’t have much time to readout your entire contents. Frankly speaking, nowadays unique catchy contents are written only for search engines to receive better ranking. But, creative web designers are used to placing colorful boxes, design fantastic logos, invent meaningful icons, putting superb images to catch the visitors attention at the very first time when they enter at your website.

If you are maintaining log of visits to your site, then you know in best cases the average staying time of your visitors at your website is varying between 60 to 90 seconds. Now, as a professional web site designer, you have to convince your visitor first within that time period and then sell your product or service to this visitor. What happened? Feeling pressure? Thinking how is this Possible? The fact is you have only 10-15 seconds to convince the visitor. If you are able to do that, then you get the opportunity to sell your product or service otherwise the person simply moves on to another website.

Here are few web designing tips to help you to grab the visitor attention within the short span of time you have.

If we serialize the designing steps then the first step will do the logo. When people come at your site, generally they are looking at your logo first. The appeal of the logo will be your first and major weapon to attract that visitor concentration at the very first moment. Nowadays, website designers can sketch fantastic looking logos through Web 2 Logo designing. These great looking logos present maximum appeal towards your visitors and give a good impression. Never forget the First Impression is the most important and usually the final impression.

Secondly, using web 2 design styles you can shuffle various background images which may help in showing off your creativity skills in web site design to your website visitors. In the first 5-10 seconds visitors do not go through the content. They look at the design and then decide whether the website in question is what they are looking for.

Thirdly use unique icons. A picture says a thousand words. The meaningful unique icons help in increasing your websites attractiveness. They help in grabbing the visitor attention luring them to spend more time at your website and go through the content.

Suppose you are new into the market and you wish to declare bonus / special discount at your work or you have some special announcement for your visitors then web 2 design styles gives you the advantage. Using this designing style you can situate glowing colorful boxes for your announcement which has the ability to consume the visitor concentration.

The main advantage of this designing style is the user friendliness. You can decorate your web page through CSS file which is more about the feel and less about heavy bulky images. It helps in reducing the page weight significantly which helps it to load quicker and promptly.

As these are light weight pages they are also search engine friendly allowing them to crawl very easily which may help you to receive better ranking in search engine. If you are a creative web designer and your goal is to design best websites then you should focus on these issues.

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