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You're in a hurry to get your web site going. You've got tight deadlines. But do not let your haste get in the way of your success.

A company's Web site should embody the company, reflect its values ​​and strengthen its identity. When you pick your Web design team, make sure they are going to learn your business inside and out.

Good Web design firms know to start a project with as much information as possible. They gather it during the Discovery phase. Discovery encompasses a full-scale examination of the company and its objectives, leading to a set of goals on which the design team can focus. It includes extensive research into five key aspects of a company:

  • Business goals
  • Budget constraints
  • Brand identity
  • Sales cycle
  • Competitors

Know What You Want

If you do not know where you're going, how can your web site get you there? Identifying the direction of a company helps decide how the web site will function. The Web is a lucrative tool, but the web design team must know what you're building.

Careful Spending

With this in mind, you can anticipate the scope of the project. Your budget dictates that scope. A thorough discovery process maximizes that chance that money will be well spent.

Who You Are

Since your web site is a primary point of contact between you and your customers, it must reflect and reinforce your brand. It's not just about including your logo on every page. By providing an experience consistent with the soul of your company, a web site strengthens your brand identity. Most importantly, it's about making it easy to do business with you.

The Transaction Process

Your Web design team needs to know your sales cycle to determine where your Web site fits. Customers are increasingly going to the Internet to research products and make purchases. Does your web site provide them with everything they need to buy? Your web site should be a customer acquisition engine, drawing people in and leading them to a transaction.

What You're Up Against

It's imperative to study your competitors. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? Your Web site needs to be the best solution for your customers. Knowing what's already out there helps you determine where you can make the difference.

A Smart Start

Good Web designers know that making a web site takes more than creativity and skill. To create this extension of a company, you must know the company. Discovery allows for a greater understanding of the project and therefore, a richer result.

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