The Challenge

ZF is a global technology company supplying systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology, enabling the next generation of mobility.  The company had to refresh the industry-specific marketing communications and launched a new platform for 19 Industries made of over 200 webpages that had to be localized in Europe. The team then realized that every country encountered similar problems in the adoption process and took very long to solve them or didn’t know where to find the necessary information to update on the pages.

In order to execute the task, the team provided daily status updates to make sure project was on track and help local teams solve unexpected problems. They also created a localization guide for local teams to follow standards.

In addition, the team cultivated a community to share know-how and gather the local configurations needed by teams to publish pages faster.

Finally, the team understood that by having an industry-specific marketing microsite available to those locations, the team was able to shift from a product-lead campaigns to industry-specific marketing communication, integrate better with marketing events and increase organic traffic from keywords that they were not ranking for previously.



Digital Strategy, Web Development, Software Development


Location-Specific Marketing Initiatives Aimed At Streamlining The Process


ZF Group

The Results

In 5 months we achieved 100 stakeholders and 12 team members coordinated, 47
industry microsites launched in 21 countries and 200
webpages localized in 11 local languages.