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Certain games can be increasingly frustrating and when the difficulty takes its toll, sometimes it may add to the fun factor if you start applying a few cheats here and there. Game cheats have largely been implemented in games since the early generations to allow people who have conquered the game to add a bit of replay value through the fun of cheats. There are plenty of ways to cheat in any PSP and here are the basic ways on how to do it.

Applying In-game PSP Cheat Codes
This is to where most of the cheaters will resort, whenever they get stuck or just want to have simple fun with the game. Cheat codes vary from game to game while others may not have cheat codes at all. The basic form of in-game cheat codes requires the player to enter a series of button sequences to activate it. Some games may have more sophisticated and difficult methods, while others offer them in the form of unlockables where the player must meet a certain requirement (usually by finishing the game) in order to use them. These cheat codes may be obtained from gaming magazines, strategy guides, and online gaming web sites.

Downloading Game Data
Just about every PSP game saves data on to the memory card so that a player's progress can be continued on a later play-through. It can also be used to store settings and unlocked parts of the game if ever. These game data files can be shared among friends or uploaded to the internet for people to download. For those who may not have fully finished the game, downloading another person's game data can count as cheating too because it is another way for one to enjoy all the features in the game or reaching a certain part of the game without earning to do so. Game data files can be found in forums and cheating web sites.

Using a Cheat Device In the event where cheat codes are not enough or available, you can consider purchasing a cheat device, such as the Action Replay, to expand the cheating capabilities to a high degree. A free setup is CWCheat, which you can find at Given the potential for high-level financial backing, commercially produced software obviously has the theoretic scope for greater sophistication and elegance. However, CWCheat is worth a try, if only to have a practice and see if you like the idea of ​​cheats, before you shell out hard-earned money.

Cheating devices work by modifying any data that goes into the PSP's RAM so that none of the game data is being affected. Codes are applied by letting users input a series of characters which is used to bypass the system and change values ​​for a cheating effect. However, take care! The results can be erratic at times and may sometimes render the game unplayable.

Hacking the Game Directly
This is for advanced users who do not have a cheating device at hand. The results of directly editing the game's contents can be very similar to the results made by a cheating device. This is not very popular though with all the other methods available and to be frank, advice is if you do not know what you are doing, either find someone who does or leave well alone.

Using cheats – good or bad?
Using PSP cheats can be fun, but beware the maxim that you can have too much of a good thing. You can overdo it and cheating can quickly spoil the thrill of the game, especially if the game has not been finished the right way.

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