Questions Raised For Website Designing

Questions Raised For Website Designing

Questions Raised For Website Designing

– The internet has provided a huge opportunity for a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs, in fact it has changed the way the world looks at commerce in general. Having absolutely put an end to demographic and geographic barriers the internet has enabled business person, website owners to reach out to a wider audience providing them with several benefits. Time has already proved that an online reflection for every business is more lucrative and has become imperative to do well. If it's your first web experience or you are new to getting a website designed for your business, this article aims at clarifying several doubts that must have crossed your mind.

– To begin with, let's do a quick run through on how to choose the right Web design company to design and build your website. I would suggest you set aside enough time for this process, go through several websites especially ones of the same field, shortlist ones you found were good and creative. Now contact the website owners and get the contact info of the designer. Go through the designer's websites and see if you liked their portfolio. Get feedback from companies on their portfolio on how their experiences were. This will help you further cut-down on the no. Of designers you had short listed. Get a quote from these companies and also ask them to give you a descriptive report on what innovations they can suggest for your website. Weigh the options on all the responses you get and choose the best one of the lot. Do not forget to make sure that they include SEO and maintenance and support in their package.

– Now lets move on to questions about the website itself. One of the most often asked questions is about the platform to be used for designing your website. I would suggest that you use an open source platform, no matter what your requirements are there are several highly dynamic, versatile and flexible software that fall in the open source category. Some examples are Magento, Joomla, WordPress, OS-commerce, etc. Talk with your designer and you will get an idea as to which one would solve your purpose the best. However in general,

o WordPress – Blogging.

o Joomla – E-commerce

o Magento – E-commerce

o TYPO3 – enterprise CMS

o Drupal – CMS.

– The next thing that you would think of being the Content of your Website. Well, this depends entirely on what kind of website you want to be designed, basically you have to choose the contents according to the nature of your business. For starters you could check out:

o What do you want to display about your Company?

o Your Products and Services?

o What is it that you want to highlight about your company?

o Other important data that you think your clients would need you to send.

o Pictures and graphics that you think should be included.

– Another thing that you have to remember is that your content especially text has to be unique and should include the necessary keywords for better website visibility.

– Considering the progress of your website. Different companies offer you different solutions, but all of them will give you access to the progress of your website. They would give you regular reports as well as let you see how your site is coming along. You can also verify and give your suggestions and changes required if any.

– Search Engine Optimization- how it help your website. This is a technique which will optimize the contents on your website right from the design stage so that your website gets better search engine rankings and brings your website higher up on Search Engine Results Page.

– Content is very important for any kind of website. So you have to ensure that you update, upgrade and give fresh content for your website at regular intervals. This is very good for Search engine Rankings. Now the question is whether you can do it yourself. You will be trained and taught how to do so yourself and in the case of CMS like WordPress is very easy to learn and does not need any formal training. However if yours is a complex website and you must to hire an in-house team to support your site, you have the choice of outsourcing as they work out cheaper.

– Once your website is complete and set up, you would want to know who gets the rights of the website. You are given complete rights of your website. However the company is allowed to use the.PSD files per the AAWD ie the design company can use the image on your website as a representation of their work as well as a live link to your website.

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