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How many of you are trying to market or sell things online? How many of you are sick of seeing the same “old” marketing techniques that keep producing the same results, zero!

A lot of veteran and accomplished internet marketers had to change their tune about social media and it’s effect on internet marketing. I will tell you that two internet pros won a ’65 Lincoln from a major internet marketing “Guru” who had to admit he was wrong while giving the car to the winners. There are some big time names in the IM game with lists in the hundred thousands still realizing the power of social media.

You see the guys who won the Lincoln used primarily social media outlets like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. My point with this story was to show that social sites, Twitter in particular, have totally changed the internet marketing and information searching landscapes respectively. Twitter could possibly be challenging Google when it comes to ‘real-time search’ results…There recently have been reports that Twitter had information about happenings and events worldwide before major news outlets could break these same stories. People know what they want and people are more aware these days when it comes to making sure desired results are achieved.

So with that being said, we can’t come along and suddenly just start barraging people with our message, no matter how good we may think it is. People want to interact, feel you out, and then make better informed decisions these days so building valuable relationships is key in this process. The powerful combination of Receptive marketing and social media can help you reach goals you once thought were unattainable.

Receptive marketing involves the creation of a Receptive Marketing environment through training, recruitment, management structure, and well-defined marketing expectations. You are not using archaic and obsolete marketing techniques to force your message to people who do not know who you are or what you are marketing. Receptive marketing, on the other hand, doesn’t really involve selling anything or doesn’t even have to have a message at times. It’s like you are just hanging out and trying to provide the most value you can to yourself and those around you. The vibes you send off will permeate to others and they will naturally want to know more about you and what you may have to offer. Hope this helps clear things up regarding receptive marketing.

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Changa G.

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