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Redesigning Your Website to Boost Business

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If you are like many business owners in Florida, you've been thinking about a web site redesign project. Maybe your website has been online for several years and it is starting to show its age. Web trends have shifted recently and there are a lot of business websites that do not look as fresh and current as they once did. Maybe your site has never lived up to the hopes you had for attracting new customers and it just is not quite the marketing powerhouse you thought it would be. Between the unrealistic promises of a well-meaning designer, and the "fish stories" told by your fellow business owners, you very well may have expected a lot more from your website than you've received.

Whatever your situation, a web site redesign is often a very good way bringing anemic online presence to life regardless of how long your site has been failing. It can also be quite economic if you arrange it correctly. In many cases, you've already got a lot of the content and other resources that you'll need. These include the text and images as well as your hosting account, and inbound links from directories and other websites. They can be reused as is or after some minor editing and can save you a bundle over building an entirely new site from scratch.

Here in Florida, when I speak with business owners about redesigning their websites, the conversation almost always follows a similar pattern. It is something they've wanted to do for a long time, but they've held off because they did not have the first clue about how to accomplish it. They can not get in contact with their original web designer who set also set up the hosting account and posted their site to the internet, and now they do not know what to do. What they do not realize is that any good web designers can handle the entire project from start to finish for them. Not only that, but when you select a good designer who understands important business concepts like continuity planning can see them up with a complete copy of the newly designed website and record all the account login credentials and instructions for next time.

Most companies experience change over time. They evolve and adapt. There are often new products or services added to the lineup or discontinued. The business' decor, style, logos or taglines may have changed as well. Just as businesses change, so does the web. Today's internet is much more interactive with more and more content being generated by the users. If your website was designed more than two years ago, it is likely that web surfing was a much more passive activity than it is today. Your redesign project is an excellent opportunity to incorporate these evolutionary elements related to both your business and the internet.

Finally, when you decide to redesign your website, do not forget to check out what your competition is doing. This is a perfect time to evaluate your own standing in the market against the heads and build some strategic action into your new website that will leverage the strengths while helping you to minimize the weaknesses.

Web Design

Web Design