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Relevance Of Color Combination In Website Design

Website design has always been affected by the color scheme used. It is a universal truth that since the dawn of civilization, color has been the key element for making anything attractive.

Whether it is traditional market or the virtual internet, making the product attractive and appealing is indispensable in the marketing strategies. When making any thing attractive, the shades combination is one of the most important considerations.

There are mainly two types of shades, sober shades and the other bright shades. Most of the websites prefer to use the sober colors because they do not cause any stress to the eyes. On the other hand the use of bright shades can make the website very attractive but at the same time cause unnecessary stress to the eyes. At times the bright colors may even irritate the visitor and compel him to quit from the website. There are exceptions to this principle too. If the website is meant for the kids especially the toddlers and offering things like toys then the use of bright colors becomes a necessity. On the other hand if the same bright colors are used for an educational website then it can have a negative effect on the visitors.

Color combination plays an important role not only in the images but also in the text content. The color of the text should be in contrast to that of the background. Usually a dark colored text with a light colored background is preferred. If both, the text and background, are light colored or both are dark colored, it is going to make it difficult for the visitor to read the content. A business owner and at times even some of the website designer would like to attempt something different to make the website attractive and unique. Getting taken away by this they may try a dark colored background and light colored text, but this if not justified, can back fire and make the visitor run away from the website.

When observing the colors from a different perspective, one will find that there are three types of colors, primary, secondary and tertiary colors. The primary colors are those colors that are unique, pure and void of any mixing. The best examples of primary colors are red, yellow and blue. The secondary colors are obtained on mixing the primary colors. The tertiary colors are a result of mixing the secondary colors. There are different HTML codes for different colors.

The color scheme has to go along the buyer behavior and not according to the whims and fancies of any website designer or website owner. It is always better to hire a professional web design service provider to create a website that has an attractive color scheme that is pleasant for the eyes.

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