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Responsive Web Design As A Substitute Of Mobile Web Sites

A web design can be said to be responsive only when it get adapted to the different operating system and the platforms used by the visitors to access the website. The responsive design is day by day becoming more and more popular because the responsive web design makes the website owner feel that there is no need of any other special mobile web sites. There are many prospective website owners, website owners and designers that have started thinking of the responsive design as a substitute of mobile web sites, but as a matter of fact the responsive design should not be considered a substitution of mobile web sites.

According to the experts the responsive web design used the flexible layouts, fluid grids and media queries to make the website exhibited on the screen of the device used of accessing the website. If the responsive web design is not used the website owner has to provide the prospective website visitors with different URLs for different devices used for accessing the website. The best feature of the responsive designing is that the website is designed only once but at the same time formatted to be compatible with different operating systems and platforms.

Some of the multiple benefits of responsive web design are as follows.

• There is no need to provide the prospective website visitors with different URLs for different devices used for accessing the website.

• When there are different URLs there are different websites and usually maintenance of these multiple websites becomes very expensive.

• There is no need of spending money for designing different websites for different devices.

• In case of responsive web design, if there are any changes to be thought about in the design, modification has to be done to only one design. In absence of responsive design the modification has to be carried out on multiple websites. This can be quite laborious, time consuming and expensive too.

There are some limitations of the use of responsive design too.

• Sometimes the web design makes it compulsory to download the markup that is not required. This usually prolongs the duration of downloading and uses a lot of extra space on the server.

• At times it is advisable to provide design that specific to the mobile device used by the visitor to access the website. Sometimes this approach has been proved to be better than reformatting the website with the help of responsive design.

• Sometimes the mobile website proves to be more effective and efficient than the website that is designed for the desktop and then made to display on the mobile device with the help of responsive design.

So it is obvious that we can not consider the responsive design to be a substitution of the mobile web design.

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