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Responsive Web Design For Photographers

Responsive web design for photographers is an exciting new way to showcase your photography portfolio. Responsive web design is becoming a major need for any website with most surfers now using their mobile phones, or tablets to find the information they want.

Have you ever looked at your website statistics and wonders why so many visitors land on your HOME page, but immediately vanish? Chances are they arrived on their mobile phone and without a responsive website, they find it difficult to navigate, and find information without zooming in and out and scrolling across to line the page up correctly …

How A Responsive Website Will Benefit You

Photography is entirely visual, if your work can not be viewed correctly, it will not be viewed at all!

As a photographer your portfolio, just like any other kind of artwork, is your main driving force. Having your portfolio accessible from anywhere on any device is becoming increasingly important. With only around 3% of websites in total being responsive you can gain the edge over your competitors by acting now!

A responsive website can benefit you as a photographer in a number of ways, with the main one being that fact that your work will easily be accessible on a mobile device, and function correctly just as it would on a full-sized screen.

Another one of the contributing factors to a successful online responsive portfolio is the ability to keep your visitors by being able to accept orders through your website from anywhere, at any time.

What Is A Responsive Web Design?

A responsive web design removes the need for multiple websites for different devices. In the past if you wanted your website to work correctly on a mobile phone for example, you would either have to have a completely separate website, or a mobile app … this has all changed with responsive design!

A responsive website actually adapts its layout based on the current screen or browser width. This means you have a single website, a single amount of content to update and less hosting costs. The website adapts its layout by using specialized queries that detect the current screen or browser width to increase font sixes, make buttons and links easier to press and utilized the touch screen technology of the device if needed.

In short, responsive web design is more cost-effective in the long run that having a standard, or multiple different web designs.

How Do I Go About Getting Responsive?

If you need a new website, or already have one, the chances are its going this will be a straight forward task to accomplish. There are companies out there that focus and specialize in responsive web design services and one or two in particular for photographers.

It's a good idea to contact a company to discuss your options and understand what is going to happen with your website before committing to anything. Responsive design is a fairly new concept, so you have to be completely sure the designer and developers involved are fully capable of completing the work for you.

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