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Responsive Web Design Is The Key To Greater Visibility

Using small screen devices other than desks to use the internet has become a trend. That's because we feel more comfortable browsing the web on the go- Which is why the number of people browsing the web through mobile devices is soaring day by day.

Previously, when web businesses owned a single website for desktop only, the rise in mobile visitors is proving as a new challenge for their visibility. To counter this and to improve user experience and design for mobile visitors the solution is to go for a responsive web design.

Responsive design is basically a process that lets your website have a fluid design which transforms itself, scales the content and adapts to any screen size. This article discusses how a responsive design work and what its advantages are.

What Is a Responsive Web Design?

Responsiveness is a web development approach that provides mobile web visitors the best desirable viewing experience. Although, mobile visitors can have different screen sizes, but in-scope of this diversity, responsiveness allows users to navigate the content and see the offers in an easy yet engaging way.

Previously, when responsive design was not so popular, designers made a "mobile version" and a "desktop version" of a website. However, these techniques could not catch on due to less complexity and high-efficiency of a responsive design.

Making a website responsive is a work of creativity. While making a website responsive the designers ensures that the code allows the images, screen-layout, text and other elements of the site to re-adjust and scale on their own and give visitors an ideal view, no-matter which device is used.

Importance Of A Responsive Web Design

With the ever-expanding use of mobile devices, using a responsive website has become the staple of industry success. Following are the points on importance of responsiveness.

Time And Money:

Although a traditional website design costs less than a responsive site, but considering that you get more visitors from mobile devices, Sooner or later, you will invest in a mobile app or a mobile specific design. This endeavor will cost you both time and money. Here, the sensible approach is to go with a one-time investment and make a responsive website. This approach will save you money and precious time involved in site maintenance issues as well.

Increase In Mobile Web Users:

Even if your target market involved desktop users, with each passing day, some of the potential customers will be looking for your offerings on a mobile device. Here, if you want to please both desktop and mobile customers than having a responsive website is the key.

Optimizing User Experience:

If you are thinking to go for a re-design of your website because your competitor has a cooler site than yours, then improve your plan and go for responsiveness. Not only would a creatively designed responsive website enhance the look and feel of your website, but it will also increase your market share from your competition. Moreover, to counter the new competition your website should have all the nuts and bolts it needs to keep its customers.

Giving An Edge To Startups

On the other hand, if you plan to launch a startup business that not only converts early, but garners customers on mobile, desktop and tablet- then going for a responsive website design is the way. However, if you feel under the budget, then you can look for service providers who offer cost-effective services. You might want to look out responsive web designers here.

Responsiveness is progress!

In-spite of making different versions of your website, going for a responsive website is smarter. This is the type of website that will automatically respond to the preferences of your visitors and would encourage them to visit again and again.

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