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As mobile browsing is so widespread these days, responsive web design is working charmingly for people. Its sole aim is to display websites perfectly notwithstanding the type of device used. Of course, some websites do have extra hands and time to create versions applicable for mobile devices but it is not possible for all. So, for them responsive web design is hugely beneficial, convenient as well as gives users an extremely optimized mobile browsing experience.

Nobody has time or energy to spare and that’s why there is so much hullabaloo about responsive web design. It all finally comes down to saving time and effort and devoting it to something worthwhile. This new technology makes use of bits and pieces such as media queries, fluid images as well as fluid grid layouts in order to make a site appear perfectly and suitably in different screen sizes.

It first applies the standard process of identifying the user’s device but then eliminates the additional step of serving up a distinct style sheet for every device. In its place, you can make use of one style sheet having diverse information for dissimilar screen sizes.

Responsive web design possesses three unique core principles:

Media queries: It is type of magical tool that alters your CSS on the basis of your browser’s current state

Flexible grids: They are fluid grids of content based on percentage

Flexible media: It involves content like videos and images that scale along with the browser’s dimensions.

Responsive Design is best if you want to augment your website’s SEO. This is because every page gets a different URL and hence, Google juice is conserved. You no longer have to worry about conditions where some sites connect to your desktop site, while other to your mobile site. There will also be a better Google Analytics report of your website’s usage as the data from desktop and mobile users gets amalgamated. The same is true for social sharing stats such as Facebook Likes, comments or Tweets, owing to the reason that desktop and mobile versions of web pages no longer possess dissimilar URLs.

For back-end developers, there is only a single version of websites that has to be updated. The entire project becomes very simple as all the content goes into the same place. On the other hand, for front-end developers, who usually have to create multiple sheets to make a truly neat responsive design, the process becomes even simpler. No more multiple edits for a sole tweak as all the CSS code goes under the same umbrella.

The pervasiveness of browsing from gadgets such as mobiles, smart phones in addition to tablets is growing so much that web development is bound to react and alter consequently. Albeit originally the finest solution was to make compound style sheets for diverse screen sizes, responsive design has just revolutionized the field. Less code to watch over – doesn’t that sound perfect? That is the reason why more and more people are opting for it all over the world.

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