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Mobile Internet usage has seen a steady increase in the past few years with a significant major of people using it for emails, social media activities, entertainment and even shopping. With a heavy impact of mobile phones in Internet use, it's of great importance to have your website responsive. Statistics state that currently, 80% of Internet users own a smart phone and 47% a tablet.

With all of this information, one thing is quite clear: Mobility has overtaken the use of desks in Internet browsing.

Historically, businesses may have created two separate websites: A traditional website and another for Mobile Accessibility. These separate websites have become impractical in this fast-paced era, and Responsive Web Design has become the answer in handling both!

So, what is " Responsive Design "? It is a web development approach that delivers an optimized user experience irrespective of the devices they use. Responsive design adapts to the viewing layout using flexible images and proportion-based grids.

These are some important factors in why it is essential for you to make the change to Responsive Design in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and although creating a responsive version of your website may take some effort and expense, there are many factors that justify the time and expense:

Easy to Track & Manage

* Tracking visitor traffic for different versions of your website is time-consuming, with evaluating the analytics, conversions and goals of two separate sites.

* You would be required to run and manage separate marketing campaigns for multiple site versions.

Good User Experience

Giving an optimal experience to your users is important. Users should be able to read and navigate easily through your website and find things from the device they use. They are more likely to stay, purchase or become clients when they have a positive experience from your site.

Remember: Google evaluates bounce back stats. The less the bounce rate, the more you stay ahead of the competition.


Responsive Web Design is recommended by Google. Repeat: Responsive Web Design is recommended by Google. Why?

* A: Mobilegeddon (mobile ranking) with a deadline that has just passed on April 21st, it's mandatory to make your website mobile-friendly or you will drop in rankings. Period.

* B: When a business has two separate website versions, each will have different URL and codes, eventually making a search engine crawl and index multiple versions of the same single website !!

The above being the important reasons for going responsive, there are still a lot many factors that makes mobile responsiveness the need of the hour.

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