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In: Website Development

Technological advances never fail to overwhelm the masses and pose new challenges in the meanwhile. With a new mobile phone and tablet getting released almost every other day, creating a new website for every other resolution is not the solution. So, how does a designer or developer optimize the site for every possible resolution? Well, the answer is responsive web design!

Responsive web design is not just a catchy slogan, but it is the new way of designing for the web. Since more and more users are accessing websites on the go on their mobile devices, it makes sense to code and design every website in a way that it looks equally good on every platform, regardless of its resolution.

Here are few salient features of the same:

1. Images, including those in image sliders, get resized automatically

2. Header and normal text get resized and formatted accordingly

3. The irksome horizontal scrolling is no longer necessary, as in case of non responsive websites when viewed on mobile devices

In this way, website owners can do away with the requirement of designing and maintaining multiple websites to suit different platforms. Another spectacular feature of responsive designing is that any change made at one place gets reflected everywhere. Making changes, howsoever simple or complex, on several websites can be time consuming and costly. Website owners do away with unnecessary costs by opting for responsive design.

Responsive web designing is in early stages, having been introduced only a few years back. But it has impressed everyone – end users, developers and designers. If you are thinking of getting a new website in near future, give this form of designing a serious thought.

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